A Family Dentist for Your Family in Sherwood Park?

We know that you want the very best for each member of your family, especially where it comes to their oral health. Why else would you spend all that time cooking nutritious meals, inspecting toothbrushing efforts and limiting sweets despite adorable pleas? We know that parents and caregivers go the extra mile at home, and we think that your reward should be an enthusiastic thumbs up at each dental checkup for each member of the family.

If you are keeping up with a good oral hygiene regimen at home, your dental appointments should be brief but thorough and conclude with a positive result. With a great relationship with your dentist, even appointments for procedures should feel safe, calm and supportive.

Dental Checkups & Cleaning

Are Your Dental Visits Feeling a Little Too Transactional?

Trips to the dentist with your family can be a little stressful if you have apprehensive little ones to be seen. Most general practices provide little as far as accommodations for apprehensive patients, since appointments are booked to allow maximum patient flow. While this can be a great thing if you need your appointments to happen on time with little waiting, your family dentist takes a different approach.

A family dental practice is less concerned about maintaining rigid appointment windows, and more concerned with ensuring the comfort and trust of their patients. This is partially owing to the fact that family dentists hope to gain your loyalty so that they can enjoy a partnership with you and your family for years to come. A family practice is known to take more time building a trusting and rapport-based relationship with their clients. Children are given plenty of time to meet the staff, check out the dental tools that they’ll hear operating during their cleaning and even explore what’s on TV while they sit back in the dental chair feeling like big kids!

Unlike pediatric dentists, your family doctor does not have any age restrictions around who they treat, because their business model serves their clients throughout their early, adult and elder years. Your family dentist wants to see every member of your family, regardless of how old they are. If you have elderly parents living with you as well as babies and adolescents, your family dentist will welcome all of them with open arms – they’ll even offer group appointments if booked far enough in advance! You’ve got enough to do running a home, raising children and caring for aging family members – we want to make prioritizing your oral health as convenient as possible. While we may not see each member of your family at once, we can see them all within a short time frame. This means that parents don’t have to schedule time away from work each time another dependent needs to attend a routine dental appointment, and children won’t be pulled away from education or extra curricular responsibilities. Preventative maintenance appointments should be easy to fit into your busy life.


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Working with You

Your family dentist partners with you in the prevention and maintenance of your family’s oral health, and they are well positioned to be able to predict, diagnose and/or prevent genetic conditions based on what they know about the rest of your family’s oral health conditions. In seeing your dentist regularly, they are best able to work with you to plan for possible challenges in advance rather than waiting until you show up for an emergency dental appointment. Wherever possible, your dentist will support you in making plans for your children’s teeth based upon their history and current condition. Parents may benefit from being educated about oral health options such as orthodontics well in advance in order to be able to plan for them if necessary.

Patients with special needs or trouble with anxiety are likely to find a family dentist more flexible than a standard practice, and more willing to listen closely to parents as they explain what works best for their children in terms of their comfort. Family dentists and their teams are skilled at contributing to planning a successful visit for your child using a combination of learned techniques and tried and true methods that they have seen work in the past. Examples could include coaching parents on how to prepare children who struggle with sensory processing to desensitize the nerves in the mouth by dry brushing prior to coming in for their appointment. Parents may have suggestions around lighting or noise triggers which the team can work to minimize, and comfort items such as stuffies, blankets or headphones can be brought in from home to assist in helping your child to feel at ease throughout their dental appointment.

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