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Advancements in the field of dentistry have vastly changed the face of dentistry and how we feel about our teeth. Nowadays, we put more emphasis on the appearance of teeth than we did previously, likely because there’s more we can do about it.

The reasons for people to seek out cosmetic dentistry are many – and not all are only concerned with appearances. Cosmetic dentistry helps us improve, restore and/or prevent damage to the teeth, depending on the application and the reason for it. Cosmetic procedures are commonly available through your general dentist, so consult your dentist about any aesthetic concerns you have about your teeth – he or she will be pleased to explore what options are available to you, and can help you decide what the best course of action is for your specific tooth condition, your budget and your lifestyle.

Cosmetic Dentistry Sherwood Park

Botox® for Bruxism

If you wake in the mornings with sore temples, jaw, shoulders or neck, this could be an indication that you are suffering from bruxism. Bruxism is the term commonly used to describe unconscious grinding or clenching of the teeth, usually during the night but symptoms can also occur during the daytime in times of stress. It can be helpful to ask a partner if they ever hear you grinding your teeth at night, but if you are unsure a visit to your dentist can confirm it. Signs are micro-fracturing of the enamel, cracked or broken teeth, overdeveloped jaw muscles or a jaw that clicks or pops with use. There are several treatments for bruxism including night guards, medication and relaxation techniques, as well as Botox® injections. These injections use Botox® because it blocks the nerve signals in the jaw muscles, causing them to relax.


If you are unhappy with the colour or shape of one or more of your teeth, veneers could be for you! Veneers are akin to a shell that is adhered to the front of the tooth, made in an ideal shade and shape for your mouth. Veneers require that the top layer of your enamel be ground away by about 1mm to allow the veneer to bond strongly to the tooth with the use of dental cement. In some cases, veneers can offer the patient more ease of access to some areas between their teeth, making flossing easier and discouraging food particles from getting stuck between the teeth during meals. You can have one or many veneers.


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Once your dentist has performed a root canal to save a tooth, the tooth must be resealed and protected due to the fact that the integrity of its structure has been compromised and could leave it prone to breakage. Cosmetic crowns are both a cosmetic and a functional procedure, offering full coverage of all parts of the exposed tooth and made in an ideal shape and colour for your mouth. No one will know it isn’t yours!

Teeth Whitening

If you are interested in whitening the shade of your teeth, ask your dentist about it at your next appointment. Teeth whitening is available in clinical strength through your dentist and offers an efficient and effective way to whiten.


If you are unsatisfied with the colour or shape of only one tooth but do not want to have a veneer installed, bonding is another way to make touch-ups to your teeth. Bonding is painted and formed onto the tooth by your dentist and offers durability and a shade that is resistant to decay and staining.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are an investment in your long-term oral health when one or several teeth are lost. This procedure installs a titanium rod into the jawbone where it fuses with bone and provides a stable foundation on which to mount a false tooth, called a pontic. Dental implants preserve the strength and the stability of the jawbone where the loss of one or more teeth is likely to result in loss of bone tissue (bone resorption). Dental implants are suspected to be durable to approximately 30 years, though these numbers are still being established given the relatively recent introduction of this procedure to the market.

Caring for Your Cosmetic Restorations

It is important to maintain your oral health even if your restorations are not susceptible to the effects of acid or decay. As an example, your dental implant may not itself be susceptible to decay, but the gum tissue around your dental implant is still susceptible to the negative effects of gingivitis or periodontal disease. In order to maintain the health and stability of your dental implant, you must care for the tissues that surround it by brushing twice a day and flossing daily. Protect your oral health and your investment because you’re worth it. If you have questions about these or other services offered by our general dentist, contact our clinic today.

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