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Your dentist believes in promoting the healthiest outcomes for you and your family where it comes to your teeth – but it doesn’t just stop there. The health and wellbeing of your whole system is interdependent, so taking really great care of yourself in some areas and not in others can still have a great impact on your overall wellness. For example, your oral health is important since blood supply that feeds your teeth can also carry infection to other parts of the body, most notably your oral health has been shown to impact your heart. If you are diabetic, studies show that you may be at higher risk for periodontal disease, so caring for your oral health should be made a priority.

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What is a Dental Checkup?

A dental checkup can be thought of as being similar to your annual checkup at the doctor’s office. While your doctor collects information about your blood pressure, height, weight and any looming concerns that you might have about your general health, your dentist performs a checkup a minimum of once annually to update and document the current state of your oral health.

During a checkup you will discuss changes to your medical history as well as any changes in the medications that you are currently taking. This is important both for the dentist to know and understand important changes in your overall health since your last visit, but it also ensures that if you need any procedures done by the dentist that they avoid any potential negative interactions between the medications necessary for the procedure and the medications that you take routinely. For example, if you are taking blood thinners to decrease your risk of heart complications, it will be critical for your dentist to know this before performing a tooth extraction – since blood thinners reduce your body’s ability to form blood clots which effectively stops the bleeding post-procedure.

You should use your time with your dentist to address any atmospheric concerns or questions you might have about your oral health. Your dentist will be happy to answer questions about jaw pain, nutrition, oral hygiene or any other concern that you might have surrounding your oral health. If you have several questions, we suggest writing them down in order to ensure that you make use of the dentist’s time without forgetting any of your important questions.

Your dentist will inspect your mouth and jaw visually for signs of concern, and he or she will also perform deeper inspection beneath the tissues by completing a digital Xray. Digital X-rays expose you to a fraction of the radiation that older X-ray systems offered, so feel free to have them taken without worries over their impact. In this case, the risks of having these photos taken are greatly outweighed by the benefits they offer.


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What is a Cleaning?

Your annual cleaning is typically performed in the same appointment as your checkup, usually after the dentist has completed their review of your teeth and have debriefed with you on their findings. Your dental cleaning will be performed by a certified dental hygienist who is trained to clean your teeth without damaging your enamel.

Your cleaning begins with scaling, the scraping of tartar from the teeth. This is done manually and is an important part of keeping your teeth healthy. Tartar cannot be removed by toothbrushes or dental floss, since it represents the advance stages of plaque formation where the plaque hardens to a rock-like formation around the teeth. While some people struggle with tartar more than others, a small amount of tartar buildup is considered normal between cleanings.

Once the tartar is removed from the surfaces of the teeth, your hygienist will use an electric polishing bit with a slightly abrasive paste to polish the surfaces of the entire tooth which will effectively remove light surface stains and smooth the surface of the teeth to discourage plaque from getting a grip on your enamel.

It is important to continue to maintain your teeth at home using a good oral health protocol which includes good nutrition, a healthy lifestyle and brushing and flossing daily. There is no hiding your lack of flossing from your hygienist – he or she will know whether you’ve been flossing based on how your gums behave when they floss between your teeth. Bleeding gums means that flossing must be done more often to decrease the irritation on your soft tissues from acids and bacteria.

I Haven’t Seen a Dentist in a While, What’s the Big Deal?

Getting a cleaning at the dentist is just like getting a tune up for your car. If you don’t change your oil, your car is still likely to run for a period of time before problems start to occur. Checkups and cleanings are the maintenance you need to ensure that your teeth get the attention they need before problems bring you back to the dentist. Avoid problems with preventative oral maintenance.

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