Are There Any Special Considerations I Should Keep in Mind When Making an Evening Dentist Appointment?

Sherwood Park Dentist - Patient having their teeth cleaning in the evening

If you’re on the search to find a dentist in Sherwood Park with evening operating hours, you’re likely trying to accommodate a particular work or school schedule that has required you to make this change. Typically, dentists end their daytime hours around 5:00 p.m. and anything later is considered to be an evening appointment.

You should follow the same line of thinking here as you would with a daytime dentist, with the exception of some specifics like:

Are they open every evening or just one or two evenings per week?

If you can only see your family dentist in Sherwood Park in the evening, you may find they fill their schedule quickly due to there being fewer evening appointments available. You can choose to book in advance or look for a dentist who is open more evenings per week.

What kind of parking does this Sherwood Park dental clinic offer?

If you will be entering and/or exiting the clinic in the dark, is there a lit path to your vehicle? Or, will you have to use a parkade? If there is a fee for parking, it’s a good idea to find out how much parking costs per hour and whether it’s cheaper after 6:00 p.m. Keep in mind that winter in Alberta will mean it’s dark by 4:30 p.m.

Do they provide both day and evening appointments?

If you are making a change due to a new job that doesn’t allow you to see your current or previous dentist, you may want to make sure that your new clinic offers both. If you have a change in your schedule, it would allow you to continue to see the same dentist without the need to change providers again. You might find that your insurance company will not cover new patient intake with a new provider if it is within a certain time period. To know for sure, contact your insurance company and let them explain your coverage.

Other Considerations

What kind of dental practice is it?

If you are looking for a dentist open evenings who provides dental care for families in Sherwood Park, you will want to restrict your search to “family dentist near me”. If you choose the search terms “walk-in dentist near me”, be sure to confirm whether they are a family dental practice.

Can I schedule regular cleaning and check-ups with a dentist that is open in the evenings?

In all likelihood, you can schedule your preventative maintenance in the evenings unless you select a walk-in emergency dentist who only prioritizes emergencies. But your research should weed-out emergency clinics early in your search. At Salisbury Dental, our front desk would be pleased to answer any questions about our services by phone or in person.

I need to find a dentist near me!

More patients than ever are using Google to find their next dentist, doctor or home gardener by reading reviews from other patients. When you’re looking for a dentist open evenings in Sherwood Park and you are a Sherwood Park resident, simply ask Google to show you the “best dentist near me” and start reading reviews.

Once you have read the hours of operation, identified the locations and read the reviews of your top contenders, it’s time to call clinics to find out whether they are accepting new patients at this time. If not, perhaps they have another dentist in Sherwood Park to recommend?

The clinics that fit your criteria to this point will be able to tell you whether their dentist offers free consultations and help you book an appointment time if you indicate that you’d like to move forward. We recommend scheduling your consult early in the day, since there is more time pressure as the day goes on. Early appointments are most likely to be on time, and your dentist will feel less time pressure. You may choose to bring the family along to your family dentist consult or attend alone.

Consulting with Dentists

When you meet with your potential dentist, it is helpful to have a list of questions or concerns available to make the best of the time you have together. If you have particular dental concerns that you want to discuss, you can outline your circumstances and ask how the dentist would hypothetically advise you. The dentist will not be able to make any promises because they have not had the opportunity to fully review your oral health, but it can certainly help to demonstrate chairside manner and help you assess your feelings about the interaction. The best dentist is always the one that makes you feel heard and confident about your dentist’s approach to oral health. Getting to know your dentist for a few minutes starts building rapport early.

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