Does Invisalign® Offer a Permanent Solution to Crooked Teeth?

Invisalign Orthodontics®

So, you’ve got crooked teeth and you’re looking for a permanent solution through a dental clinic in Sherwood Park. You’ve come to the right place. Sherwood Park Dental offers two forms of alignment programs – traditional and Invisalign®. And we’ve got answers to your most frequently asked questions:

Do I need a dentist near me? The best dentist in Sherwood Park? The best dental clinic?

Twenty years ago, it was a custom practice to have teeth aligned by orthodontists. This would typically involve getting a referral from your dentist to see an ortho specialist. And while that isn’t true today, (unless for complicated situations) patients still often have this assumption.

When Sherwood Park patients find out that most any general practitioner with orthodontic training can implement and oversee this process, they feel that finding ‘the best’ general practice will ensure their success. The truth? Most of the success or poor outcomes after orthodontic programs are due to the patient’s lack of care. That means that you follow all the routine hygiene recommendations. This will make a world of difference in your experience – more than your search for ‘best dentist near me’.

Now, if you require dentists open evenings in Sherwood Park in order to be able to see them regularly, you may need to do shopping around to find a schedule that is suitable to you. Similarly, if you work out of town through the week, you will require a dentist open weekends in Sherwood Park. It is handy to know which dentists near you are open for extended hours etc. regularly, just in case you ever have a dental emergency.

Why Do Patients Love Invisalign®?

As a family dentist in Sherwood Park, we hear this question a lot. And it’s no wonder – Invisalign® is getting more and more popular by the year.

To begin with, it should be said that Invisalign® is not right for everyone. Severe cases of misalignment will still require metal braces, and if you are a nighttime grinder, you’ll need the same. But for those who qualify for Invisalign®, there’s a lot to love!

To permanently align your teeth, follow your dentist’s instructions and attend regular check-ins.


Arguably the greatest feature of Invisalign® is the clear aligners. These aligners are thin enough and clear enough that no one knows you’re wearing them unless they get very close. The aligners are made to fit your teeth perfectly and hold them firmly throughout the day. This snug fit is critical to the success of your alignment efforts.


Your family dentist in Sherwood Park will explain that one of the best things about Invisalign® is that the aligners can be popped off the teeth for quick removal. This means that you won’t be stuck trying to learn how to floss your teeth with metal braces over them.

No Diet Restrictions

Since you don’t have wires and brackets to worry about when you start with Invisalign® in Sherwood Park, there isn’t a worry of breaking off brackets on crunchy or sticky foods. That means that you can eat whatever you can eat now while you have the aligners.

Part of the compromise of no diet restrictions, however, is that aligners must be removed before eating anything and can’t be replace in the mouth until the teeth are brushed or flossed. This requires discipline, so you’ll need to understand the ‘why’ behind it. Essentially, when you eat with your aligners in you risk breaking the aligner you’re wearing. Similarly, eating without your aligner in and then replacing them over unbrushed teeth will put your teeth at risk. Your Sherwood Park dentist will explain that the food debris and bacteria that are in your mouth following a meal will attack the teeth and grow lots of bacteria. If you want nicer teeth than you started with, it will be important for you to follow these recommendations.

No Adjustments

You’ve likely seen someone you know with braces complaining of the discomfort after an adjustment. That’s because additional pressure is placed on the teeth after an adjustment, and they take several days to stop hurting. Invisalign® does adjustments differently.

When you start with Invisalign®, your kit will come with all the aligners you’ll need to correct your teeth over the treatment period. Since you’ll be changing your aligners every two weeks or so, the adjustments will be much gentler.

If you eat with aligners in or drink hot liquids, your aligners are likely to warp. A tight fit is critical to successfully complete your program, and a loose-fitting aligner will cause more discomfort when you move on to the next set.

Talk to Your Dentist

For more information about Invisalign® in Sherwood Park and whether you qualify, see your dentist. A 3-D scan of your mouth will help identify whether this is the right program for you.

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