Should I Choose Invisalign® or Braces in Sherwood Park?

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If you’re investigating and considering straightening your teeth you probably know that there are more options than braces. Although Invisalign® has been all the rage for about a decade, they are still relatively new to being widely available. Popularized by Tom Cruise, more people than ever are considering Invisalign® along with braces and aren’t sure what the real pros and cons are of each of these orthodontic appliances are. At Sherwood Park Dental in Sherwood Park, we discuss all options when our patients want to straighten their teeth.

How do I find the best dental clinic near me? What about the best dentist near me?

The trick to finding the best dentist for you comes down to a multitude of factors because dentists have different chairside manner, and every client has unique preferences. You may prioritize things like choosing a dentist that is open weekends in Sherwood Park while another patient may want to find a dentist that is open evenings in Sherwood Park.

Can any dentist install and manage orthodontic appliances?

In earlier days, only orthodontists were permitted to install braces. Now, most general practices are involved in some degree of orthodontic services – but it might be wise to confirm this before you have an appointment with a family dentist in Sherwood Park. Similarly, many dentists now perform degrees of cosmetic dentistry in Sherwood Park without marketing themselves as Sherwood Park’s cosmetic dentist of choice.

Comparing Invisalign® to Metal Braces

Pros Invisalign®

Invisalign® offers a transparency to their aligners which makes them more ‘wearable’. Professionals who have wanted to have their teeth straightened but didn’t want the appearance of metal braces now have a viable alternative.

With the Invisalign® system, you don’t have to restrict your diet to only soft foods that will not break your brackets off. You can eat whatever you would typically eat anytime by removing the aligners.

Even If you get Invisalign® in Sherwood Park by the best Dentist in Sherwood Park, the process is the same. A 3-dimensional Xray is taken of your dental arches to help your dentist identify whether you are a good candidate for Invisalign® or not. If you decide to proceed, your dentist will forward the image, which contains all the necessary information to make your aligners, to a lab.

With Invisalign®, you will not have to endure the discomfort of braces adjustments. Aligners are designed in succession with incremental changes that further the process gradually. These aligners should be switched for the next set every two weeks or whatever frequency your Sherwood Park Dentist recommends.

Cons Invisalign®

Success with Invisalign® relies upon following the program restrictions. You should not eat with your aligners in, and your mouth should be newly brushed to make replacing them after a meal safe for your teeth. Invisalign® fits so closely to your teeth that any acids, bacteria or debris will be trapped and put you at risk for gingivitis and/or cavities. Your aligners need to be worn a minimum of 22 hours daily to see the full effect.

Invisalign® isn’t for everybody. Children and adolescents who tend to misplace belongings should wait until adulthood to explore Invisalign®. Patients who clench and grind their teeth while asleep risk breaking the thin appliance. These appliances are intended only for mild and moderate conditions. Beyond that, braces are the gold standard.

Pros Braces

Braces can tackle moderately to severely crooked teeth. Since braces are affixed to the teeth there is no risk of misplacing them which means they are more practical for children and young people.

Cons Braces

Braces are highly visible, and some patients don’t enjoy that aesthetic. Your braces are regularly and abruptly put under more pressure when your Sherwood Park dentist performs an adjustment. Invisalign® patients report less pain in the days following a change of aligners.

Traditional braces can be difficult to clean since there are so many parts. You will be encouraged not to eat any crunchy, hard or sticky treats with your braces since they may put enough strain on your brackets to break them.

Finally, braces can be irritating to the cheek and lip tissues that surround it. It is not unusual for lacerations or otherwise broken skin to develop if you are not using dental wax as a protective barrier between dental appointments.

Financial Commitment

On the financial side, the average price for braces and aligners is difficult to determine since prices vary drastically. The next time you’re at your dental clinic in Sherwood Park, ask your dentist about the cost of straightening your teeth. Depending upon whether or not you have insurance your price out of pocket could be significantly altered.

Time Commitment

No matter which appliance you choose, seeing success with it will require dedication on your part to keep your teeth healthy. That means daily cleaning and the willpower to avoid eating something that could either compromise your teeth or your braces.

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