Tips to Choose a Proficient Family Dentist in Sherwood Park   

Family interacting with a Dentist - Tips to Choose a Proficient Family Dentist in Sherwood Park   

Have you been scouring the internet looking for the best dentist in Sherwood Park? As a family dentist in Sherwood Park, Sherwood Park Dental delights in meeting new patients and we consider it a privilege to serve your family’s needs.

I Need the Best Dentist Near Me

We hear it all the time: “I need a dentist near me”. We get it, but we believe that the best Sherwood Park dentist for your family will be the one that meets your needs in a number of ways, including location, services, and rapport with staff. If you’re looking for a new dentist in Sherwood Park, it is a great opportunity for you to evaluate your needs. If you’ve had a recent experience with a dentist, consider what you liked and what it lacked in terms of your experience. Consider your future needs and the needs of your family and involve your whole family in the discussion. We suggest thinking about:

Hours and Ease of Booking

If you need a dentist open evenings in Sherwood park or a dentist open weekends in Sherwood Park, this is the easiest piece to asses. You’ll typically find the clinic hours of your potential Sherwood Park Dentist using a simple google search of their listing. If you’re unsure, you may call the clinic to inquire about their hours of operation or refer to their website to determine whether they’re still in the running to be your family dentist in Sherwood Park.

Once you’ve determined that your dental clinic in Sherwood Park has hours of operation that suit your needs, it’s time to find out whether they are taking new patients and when? If the clinic has a wait list of several months and you require frequent appointments, you may choose to inquire with other clinics. On the other hand, if you have healthy teeth and care well for them, a visit every six months for a simple dental checkup and cleaning may be all you need – so you might be willing to prebook your cleanings in advance.


For some patients, dental visits and anxiety always come together. If you are a patient who has utilized oral or intravenous sedation in the past, you should know that not every dental clinic in Sherwood Park offers these types of options. In some cases, sedation is used to help manage the challenges associated with having dental work done on special needs patients or the very young, and they can be an important part of a patient’s care. If you or your dependent requires sedation, it is important to inquire about it before you take the time to consult with the dentist in-clinic.

How Many Dentists?

The size of dental practice that you choose will likely have an impact on your service, whether good or bad. Large practices often employ a team of dentists which can be helpful if you need an emergency dentist in Sherwood Park because there is more than one dentist on site to perform necessary procedures like root canals and wisdom teeth removal.  Sometimes, however, large practices do not attach a file to a particular dentist. Instead, you may see a different dentist each time unless specifically requested. Again, if your oral health needs are minimal this may not be a concern. If your family prefers to work with one practitioner in order to build a long-term relationship, however, you may consider other clinics with smaller client lists.

Dental Services

Are you seeing a new dentist with the intention of getting started with braces, implants or smile design? While these services are routinely offered at some clinics, other clinics will refer to specialists or orthodontists who are experts in this area. It can be worth taking time to think about what you want the trajectory of your oral care to offer. While cosmetic procedures may be a highly valued priority for some, for others it won’t make the list.

Reviews and Wait Times

We all know the frustration of booking appointments only to find yourself waiting in the waiting room for what feels like an eternity. Wait times can be important – especially with little kids. Check out the reviews online and see what the general impression is around this issue. While we can all expect to be flexible to some degree, some clinics are often many appointments behind which may be an indication of overbooking. If you keep a tight schedule, these wait times may be enough to justify continuing your search for a family dentist in Sherwood Park.

Only you know the needs of your family and what works best for them. Once you’ve selected a clinic, we recommend meeting the dentist for a brief consultation in order to determine whether their clinic is the right one for you!

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