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If you have long thought about correcting the alignment of your teeth but have hesitated because of the unappealing process and appearance of traditional braces, it’s time you heard about Invisalign® therapy!

Invisalign® is the newest and least invasive way to achieve a straighter smile. With Invisalign® aligners, patients are spared the irritation and appearance of traditional metal braces and your appointment frequency is decreased due to the aligners completing the orthodontic adjustments at home.

Invisalign® is comprised of a series of clear aligners, which are worn over the teeth in succession over the treatment period to gently coax each tooth into ideal placement. The aligners are designed to fit snugly over the teeth, offering a nearly invisible profile. Since Invisalign® aligners are not affixed to the teeth, they can easily be removed for occasions such as portrait photography or special occasions.

Can Anyone Wear Invisalign®?

While traditional metal bracket braces remain the gold standard for correcting moderate to severe cases of malocclusion (poor alignment), the results that can be achieved with the Invisalign® system may surprise you! Patients across Canada are using Invisalign® to improve their appearance bite function.

This therapy is best suited for patients of age, whose teeth have completed their eruption process. Patients should be able to maintain a rigorous hygiene routine, including brushing and flossing after each meal. Since aligners are practically invisible, all patients who invest in Invisalign® should do so understanding that the aligners can easily be lost and must therefore be carefully managed.

How Can I Get Started with Invisalign®?

If you are interested in discussing your candidacy for Invisalign® therapy, call our clinic to book a consultation with our dentist in Sherwood Park. Your dentist will begin by taking 3-dimensional images of your teeth in order to assess their fit for Invisalign®. These images will even provide a simulation of the potential results of Invisalign® treatment! If you and your dentist agree that Invisalign® is for you, your images can be sent away to a certified Invisalign® lab where your custom aligners will be fabricated, packaged, and sent back to our offices. At your next appointment, your dentist will revisit the instructions, including how to care for your aligners and send you home with everything you need to get started.

How are Invisalign® Aligners Worn?

Your set of 20-30 aligners will arrive at once, and your dentist in Sherwood Park will instruct you as to how long to wear each aligner in succession (typically 2 weeks before proceeding to the next set).  Place the aligners over the teeth in a clean mouth and only remove the aligners to eat or clean the teeth, aiming to wear the aligners a minimum of 22 hours in a 24-hour period.

Since your aligners will cover the surface area of your teeth, it is critical to ensure that you do not eat while the aligners are in place, and drink only natural (still) water. Eating while wearing the aligners may cause staining, and the risk of prolonged acid exposure to the teeth increases greatly when aligners are placed on the teeth over plaque bacteria, and food debris. In order to ensure the health of the teeth and gums and to ensure the clarity and integrity of the aligner material, teeth must be cleaned after each meal.  Exposing the aligners to hot water may warp the aligners and degrade their integrity.

How do Aligners Feel?

There may be an adjustment period when you first insert your aligners.  You may find it difficult to speak with clear enunciation due to the small increase in surface area around your teeth, and this should resolve within a day or two. Similarly, you may find some mild discomfort during the adjustment period after the insertion of each new aligner. This is the result of increased directional pressure on the teeth and their ligaments, similar to the discomfort felt after an orthodontic adjustment in traditional braces. This discomfort can be managed with an over-the-counter pain killer or anti-inflammatory and should resolve within a few days of the new aligner’s insertion.

Other Procedures That May Be Required

Invisalign® therapy may be complemented by tooth reshaping and bonding to perfect the final look and alignment of your teeth. Teeth may be shortened or narrowed, and bonding may be applied to bring additional symmetry. Your dentist will be able to discuss this option at your consultation for Invisalign® and whether it will be required to achieve your desired result.

You may find that wearing Invisalign® improves, not only your tooth alignment but the overall health of your mouth and body! Invisalign® patients often report less snacking between meals and an increase in water intake due to the maintenance required in order for the aligners to be successful in achieving desired results.

If you’d like to learn more about Invisalign Treatment in Sherwood Park or other services provided by our general dentists, contact us at Sherwood Park Dental today to see how we can help you perfect your smile!

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