How To Find the Best Dentist in Sherwood Park

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When you’re looking for the best dental clinic, it’s important to consider what’s most important to you. While cosmetic dentistry may be important to one patient, another might prioritize finding a family dentist in Sherwood Park or finding the best dentist in Sherwood Park. The truth is, what’s “best” comes down to the personal or family values of the patient.

I Need a Dentist Near Me

Location, location, location! At Sherwood Park Dental, many of our patients prioritize convenience in their search for a Sherwood Park Dentist so, many are residents. Still, many of our patients work in Sherwood Park and see us through their work week, and others commute to us twice a year for their regular dental checkups.

I Need a Cosmetic Dentist

If you are new to the area of cosmetic dentistry, you may be surprised how much cosmetic dentistry can be performed by general and family dentists. As a dentist in Sherwood Park, we regularly offer several cosmetic procedures – some of which used to require an orthodontist. For example, you may be interested in dental braces – do you know that you can get Invisalign® in Sherwood Park?  New 3D digital scanning tools have refined the process of tooth alignment by eliminating the need for putty impressions. Digital scanning is comfortable and fast for the patient, and its accuracy is unmatched by manual impressions. Your custom aligners can be made from the information found in your 3D scan. Not everyone is a candidate for Invisalign® since severe bite and alignment problems still require braces, which may also be available from your dental clinic in Sherwood Park.  Along with Invisalign®, teeth whitening, veneers and bonding are also commonly performed by general dentists.              

I Need Someone Who’s Great with Kids

If you have a young family or anxious dependents, you need the comfort and safety of a family dental clinic. The atmosphere and décor of our family dental clinic in Sherwood Park are put together with kids in mind. We have a warm, inviting reception area and patient staff who enjoy working with kids. A family dentist who works with children and those with special needs regularly are experts at building rapport with their patients and making nervous littles feel comfortable throughout their time at the clinic. We aim to build trust with our patients to support a long-term relationship.

If your schedule requires evening or weekend appointments, a family dentist is likely to offer this level of flexibility for their patients. Book your appointments in advance, since these hours are typically limited to select days throughout the week.

I Need Someone Who Understands My Anxiety

Anxious patients are not at all uncommon where it comes to dentistry. In fact, anxiety is one of the primary reasons for patients to miss their dental appointments. This strategy may get you away from the dentist for the moment, but you could find yourself back at the dentist for more in-chair time. Problems, like decay, can go undetected until they result in pain or infection and require an urgent appointment for root canal therapy. Sometimes, cysts can develop at the roots of the teeth deep in the jaw where they go undetected until they have damaged bone or root structures. These painless cysts are only detectable using diagnostic imaging which should be updated as part of your regular checkups.

Anxious patients who require medical assistance to allow them to undergo dental procedures should be honest about their experience when they meet with a new dentist. When your dentist knows that this is challenging for you, together you can make a plan for a successful appointment. Additional time for the appointment combined with additional communication between you and the dentist throughout the procedure is often all that is required, but you should not forego medical intervention in the form of conscious sedation if you and your dentist decide that it is the best course of action. Conscious sedation like laughing gas have been commonly used in the medical and dental communities for many years and their safety can be trusted with proper administrations. Still, if you are taking medication, it is important to inform your dentist before your procedure to ensure that there are no contraindications between medications.

I Still Have Questions

Once you have identified the clinic that meets your practical needs, it’s time for a meet-and-greet or consultation. Think about the questions you’d like to ask your dentist – like how they will support you as an anxious patient. You will learn a lot about your dentist by sitting down for a brief discussion about their practice. If you have a small family who could also be seen by this dentist, bring them along to visit! They are more likely to be interested in a visit if they know that this time they don’t even need to get into the chair. With the family’s buy-in, you’ll have found your best dentist in Sherwood Park and we hope we see you at Sherwood Park Dental!

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