Reasons You Need to Visit an Emergency Dentist

Emergencies can occur anytime, but something as serious as a dental emergency can be hard to handle, especially if it happens at a not-so-favorable time. Assume you have a painful toothache on a date, or while you’re waiting in the queue for your job interview, all you can do is run to an emergency dentist, hoping the situation doesn’t worsen more. Does it sound like a nightmare to you too?

If yes, there can be no better time than visiting an emergency dentist now.

Injured patient - Reasons You Need to Visit an Emergency Dentist

Why Should I Visit An Emergency Dentist?

Whether you’ve been having regular dental visits or haven’t visited once in a while, there’s no perfect time to get your oral health checked. Like many, you might also feel regular dental visits are enough to solve your oral health concerns. But, visiting an emergency dentist can save you from unexpected serious and painful toothache just because you didn’t care enough before.

Below are 8 significant reasons why you need to visit an emergency dentist for the sake of your overall health.

1.    Broken Teeth

There can be nothing more embarrassing and painful than a broken tooth. Not only does it keep you in constant tooth pain, giving you sleepless nights, but also the culprit to your broken smile. That’s why you need an immediate solution for this problem which is only possible by visiting an emergency dentist. If not treated quickly, the broken tooth may spread to oral infection and become stubborn to be fixed.

2.    Tooth Pain

More than half of the people who suffer tooth pain are unable to recognize its cause, which clearly explains why you need to visit an emergency dentist. It can occur anytime and anyway, leaving you numb and crying out due to toothache. However, most of the time, it’s due to any food piece lodged between the teeth, which hurts the crevice, creating a painful sensation for you. If this happens, it’s best to go to an emergency dentist rather than try ways to take the food piece out.

3.    Lost Teeth

Losing a tooth in a public place can turn all the heads to you. When this happens, there can be no better option than a tooth filling which should be done by a professional emergency dentist only. Due to the intense toothache, the dentist will start with sedation and then perform the process. As a good rule of thumb, try to check insurance, cost, payment plan before getting the treatment done.

4.    Tooth Decay

Whether you’ve got a sweet tooth or don’t care for your oral health enough, tooth decay could be your next dental emergency. Not only does it directly lead to severe tooth pain, but it also affects other connecting teeth if not treated immediately. Don’t let the toothache persist for more than a couple of hours, or you might have to get a tooth extraction done.

5.    Teeth Removal

It’s not necessary to suffer tooth pain before you decide to visit an Emergency dentist weekend. From wisdom teeth removal to teeth cleaning, you can get your oral health checked and treated at any time to get saved from future problems.

Whatever the cause is, you must do your share of homework when looking for an Emergency dentist at Sherwood Park.

6.    Bleeding Gums

Walking out of your doorstep with bleeding gums can scare people because of your vampire look. Whether the cause is gum disease or a plaque build-up, all you need to do is visit an emergency dentist. Once you’ve found the underlying problem, choose your treatment from the root canal to tooth extraction and everything in between. If you can’t bear the tooth pain, it’s best to ask for sedation.

7.    Emergency Bite

Many people have the habit of biting lips and tongues, which can be a serious problem if you mistakenly hurt your teeth. In such a situation, tooth bleeding is common, for which you should rush to an emergency dentist but clean the area with a wet cloth before. Obviously, tooth bleeding comes with toothache but visiting an emergency dentist weekend is the only best option. For this reason, surf through the best emergency dental clinic, Sherwood park, and take your pick.

8.    Teeth Sensitivity

Having sensitive teeth is one of the worst things that can happen to you while you’re tasting your favorite ice cream or having your first-morning hot tea. Teeth sensitivity can ultimately lead to a swollen jaw or mouth, which should be immediately checked by an emergency dentist.

Whether you’ve swollen lymph nodes or a serious mouth infection, you shouldn’t take any risk but simply choose the best emergency dentist, Sherwood park, for the treatment. Since some dental procedures can be expensive, make sure to check the cost and payment plan carefully before settling on one.


Whether you’ve lost a tooth in sports or it’s time to go for wisdom teeth removal, don’t wait till it’s too late to see an emergency dentist.

If you are having a Dental Emergency in Sherwood Park, contact us at Sherwood Park Dental as soon as possible. Our friendly and professional dental team is more than happy to help you.

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